​☞ Whenever it is feasible we work directly with the growers in our direct trade model. Not all our microlots are DT but many of them really are!

☞ When you buy from us, you are buying directly from growers. We are part of their commercial structure not one more intermediary 

☞ We bring the coffee into US so you do not need to deal with customs and logistic companies abroad to get your coffee directly from farm.

☞ We represent many origins ranked within the best lands in Colombia for producing Specialty Coffee


​​Direct Trade - High Social Impact Coffees from Colombia

Always the best quality. We offer Specialty Green Coffee screen size 15+, milled and processed in origin to obtain the best physical quality in the market


What does direct means for us?


All our coffees are cupped by our licensed Q-Grader to ensure that the beans that arrive into US meet the Specialty standard. All microlots include reports on moisture content and internal water activity